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"The LEP plays a vital role in supporting and developing Leeds City Region. By supporting growing businesses, improving the skills of our workforce, increasing energy efficiency and improving the region’s infrastructure, the LEP is helping to transform the City Region so everyone can share the benefits of our strong economy.”

Joanna Robinson, Managing Director, Mansfield Pollard
Board Member, SME Champion and Chair, Business Communications Group

Leeds City Region is one of the most dynamic, vibrant and diverse regions in the UK.

Its rich cultural heritage, unspoilt rural assets and contemporary towns and cities make it a modern and inspiring place to live, work and settle down. It is ideally suited to 21st century lifestyle and leisure.

As the largest city region outside London, we’re at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, contributing over £69 billion to the UK economy. We’re a national leader in areas like financial, professional and legal services, manufacturing, healthcare and the digital and creative industries.

With the biggest cluster of universities outside the capital, producing 39,000 skilled graduates each year, our young and growing population has the creativity and innovation to tackle the challenges facing tomorrow.

The LEP works to unlock the vast economic potential of our region by enabling business and enterprise to thrive.

It’s our goal to create a strong and prosperous region fuelled by clean growth where everyone can feel the benefits of our strong economy and live their best life.

"Economic development is crucial to improving the social, physical and financial wellbeing of our people. The LEP Board has a powerful role to play in driving inclusive growth through the development of place. By bringing together public and private sectors across the City Region, we can make a huge difference to the lives of everyone who lives and works here." 

Amir Hussain, CoE, Yeme Architects and LEP Board member

We work with partners in the public and private sectors to provide support and funding to help businesses generate clean growth, create jobs, attract new opportunities and investment to the region, and develop the skills, energy and digital infrastructure we need to ensure a prosperous economy that works for everyone.

The work we do supports our four key priorities:

The majority of our work benefits the 10 local authority areas known collectively as Leeds City Region.